TTLock G3 POE Gateway - CL-BTG3POE

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The GP3 Intelligent Bluetooth Gateway allows access to various features of “TTLock” enabled locks without needing to be in Bluetooth range of the lock. By installing the gateway, the locks are able to be controlled using the internet.

The device is powered by PoE Ethernet cable (not included) with the option to power via Type-C USB

In order for the gateway to function correctly, it needs to be within 10 metres of the Bluetooth locks you wish to control. (Solid walls and steel/metal surfaces may impede Bluetooth signals)

The gateway allows for custom codes to be added/deleted remotely. This can be useful for landlords, Airbnb hosts, & many other users. It also gives an audit trail & push notifications for when doors are opened.


  1. Open “TTLock” and press the menu button. ("Hamburger"/3 horizontal lines)
  2. Select the “Gateway” option, then press the “+” icon.
  3. Connect the G3 Gateway to your network using a Cat5 cable.
  4. Press the “G3” Gateway option, then plug the gateway into power using the included USB-C cable.
  5. Choose the Gateway from the list, name it & move to the next page.
  6. The gateway will then search for nearby locks.

Many settings can now be modified while outside of Bluetooth range of the lock. Push notifications and audit trail can also be accessed.


    • Remote Lock
    • Remote Unlock (disabled by default)
    • Real Time Audit Trail
    • Push Notifications
    • Add/Delete Passcodes/eKeys
    • Lock Setting Editing


Dimensions 70mm x 70mm x 26mm
Lock Type TTLock, TTRent, TTHotel
Network Port Interface RJ45
Network Port Rate 10M
IEEE Standards 802.3
Support iOS iOS 7.0 or above, Android 4.4 or above
Power Supply 5V/500mA
Power Interface PoE
Working Temperature -20-60 degrees celcius
Working Humidity 10%-95%
IP Class IP54


CLBTG3POE Single Page Product Sheet - Corporate Locksmiths