CL603BF - Slim Smart Bluetooth IP66 Fingerprint Keypad

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The CL603BF is an IP65-rated Electronic Keypad that can fit a new or existing doors & gates. It can be operated via Bluetooth using the TTLock iOS/Android app without the need for Internet or Wi-Fi. It is suited for Homes, Offices, Airbnb, Motels etc. The CL603BF operates via Bluetooth through the TTLock App (available on iOS & Android devices).

Water Resistant - IP65 rated strong, aesthetic design. 12-18 DC operating voltage with BLE technology resulting in lower power consumption. 

Smart Access - Unlock the smart keypad via PIN code, Smart phone, MiFare Card, Fingerprint & Remotely via Gateway (Gateway sold separately).

Smart Management - Share access to your tenants & generate customised PIN codes remotely via the Gateway and through the TTLock App (available on iOS & Andriod devices).


Unlock Options

  • Pin Code
  • Fingerprint
  • MiFare Card
  • TTLock App (iOS/Android)
  • Gateway (sold separately)


Easy Access

Specific codes can be sent via SMS or E-Mail. These codes can be temporary (1 day) or permanent. In addition, Bluetooth access (one-time, temporary, or permanent) can also be shared by SMS or E-Mail. MiFare Fobs can also be programmed into the keypad. The user list can be managed through the TTLock app. Utilising a capacitive touch fingerprint sensor with 0.3s recognition speed enables convenient and secure access everytime. 


Versatile & Reliable

This app-enabled, weather-resistant keypad makes it an effective device for managing access to facilities and commercial spaces. You can give individual users access to unlock the keypad without pin codes or fobs. Rather than having to be physically present to add or delete users, by using a Gateway all functions can be performed remotely.

Users can have an eKey on their smart phone which will enable them to unlock the gate without having to leave their car to unlock the keypad. This will alleviate traffic jams at peak times and prevent accidents and injuries.



The functionality of the CL603BF makes management convenient and secure. The keypad management can be conducted from smartphones and alternatively via a desktop computer (gateway required).

Authorised Admins can be created by the owner of the keypad. This enables Authorised Admins to set pincodes/fobs/eKeys or fingerprints to their users of the keypad. The owner of the keypad can control all other user's access. This includes adding or deleting a user or admin access. Authorised Admins enable the management of specific employees within tenancies or rental properties to be conveniently managed by the tenants through the app.


CL603BF Product Overview
CL603BF User Manual