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The SEKS1 Smart Key Safe is a very versatile Keyless Digital/Electronic Key Safe. The SecESafe (SEKS)1 is a large IP66-rated metal Key Safe. It is very spacious & able to hold a combination of keys, fobs & smart cards. It can be operated via Bluetooth using the TTLock iOS/Android app without needing the Internet. The smart key safe is a great product for various environments. From keeping a spare key outside your house or business to real estate agents, Airbnb management, facility management & travel - the Smart Bluetooth Keysafe is a valuable product to have. 

SecEsafe Smart Keysafe generous space inside


Convenient Management

Specific codes can be sent via SMS or E-Mail. These codes can be temporary (1 day), timed or permanent. Bluetooth access (one-time, temporary, or permanent) can also be shared by SMS or E-Mail. Individual codes assist in protecting your security as it is easy to keep track of users and their access. Administrators can administer and remove users that no longer require access immediately without being on-site when using the gateway in conjunction with the smart key safe.

Real-Time Management

A full audit trail is also accessible from the app or desktop. The key safe has multiple mounting options, including a wall mount, an automotive bracket, & two different shackle types (Standard and doorknob mount). It is large enough to fit debit card-sized smart cards and multiple keyrings with keys & fobs.

Unlock Options

    • Pin code
    • Smart Phone (TTLock App)
    • MiFare Card/Fob


The versatility of this key safe enables it to be used for a wide range of uses, such as:

    • Homes
    • Offices
    • Airbnb
    • Car Share
    • Real-Estate
    • Construction Sites
    • Facility Management

    You can generate codes via Bluetooth or from remote locations using the TTLock iOS/Android app without the need for Internet. SecEsafe is suited for Businesses, Offices, Homes, Apartments, Airbnb, Motels, Holiday Homes etc.


    The key safe can be mounted using two different shackles, a wall mount or a car window mount to suit your application.

      • Dimensions: 195(h) x 66(w) x 42(l) mm
      • Material: Zinc Alloy
      • Drop Test: Up to 1 Meter
      • IP 66: Water & Dust Proof
      • Working Temperature: from -25°C~55°C (-13°F~131°F)


    SecEsafe for Facility Management

    With Secesafe Smart Key Safe, you can manage facilities effectively and securely whilst making it a convenient process for your management team. The large IP66-rated key safe can be operated via Bluetooth using the TTLock app available on iOS and Android.

    The key safe is designed to fit credit-card-sized smart cards and multiple keyrings with keys & fobs to enable contractors or visitors to access the necessary items easily and efficiently. The key safe can be used in a variety of environments, including wall-mounted as well as large and small doorknob mounts.

    SecEsafe for Airbnb & Real-Estate

    SecEsafe provides a secure and convenient solution for those in real estate; in a large real estate business with many employees working to close deals and Airbnb managers. Systems must be streamlined to ensure you provide a professional service to your clients - the smart key safe does just that. It combines smart Bluetooth technology with easy-to-use, and manage software, to ensure that you and your clients receive a streamlined service. 

    With SecEsafe you can use the device as you would a standard key safe at a property that is currently on the market or an Airbnb property. However, the SecEsafe key safe enables you to have control over the key safe without having to be there. If another employee or guest needs access to the keys to the property or a contractor has come to maintain the gardens, simply SMS a pin code or eKey directly to them.

    This will enable them to access the property for a timed or permanent period without you having to be at the property simultaneously. Additionally, the security of your property is greatly improved. Unlike standard key safes with unchangeable pin codes, you can give users unique keys which enable you to see who enters and when. If someone no longer needs access to the property, instead of replacing the key safe and taking time to do so, you can simply erase the user from your phone using the TTLock Gateway (sold separately).

    The SecEsafe Key Safe is one of a wide range of Smart Locks, view our full range here.



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