CL450BF - Smart Bluetooth Custom Cylinder Fingerprint Lock

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Level Up Your Smart Lock

The CL450BF is the latest addition to the SecEsafe slim smart lock range. The CL450BF adopts all of the best features of the CL410BF & CL420BF; however, in addition to this, the added key system makes it the perfect smart lock to incorporate your pre-existing key system or restricted key system alongside your smart lock. The smart lock design is suites DDA styled handles making it a great smart lock for commercial properties. The CL450BF is not IP-rated. Because of this, the smart lock is well suited to commercial and residential applications where greater security is required on internal doors, for example, LAN rooms, facility management rooms, garages or gyms. 

With the CL450BF, you can access and control your smart lock conveniently and securely. The smart lock can be managed through the TTLock app (available on iOS/Android devices). You can easily manage user access from your smartphone by sharing and deleting access, viewing who has accessed the lock, and sharing admin abilities where required. The CL450BF is the perfect smart lock for commercial, residential, Airbnb, Motels, Gyms etc. The smart lock is available in matt black and stainless steel to accommodate all your modern aesthetic needs.


Please note: A cylinder is not included. Please contact us if you require assistance in sourcing the correct cylinder for your CL450BF


Unlock Options Include:

  • Fingerprint
  • Pin Code
  • MiFare Card
  • Mechanical Key
  • eKey (Smart Phone)
  • Remotely via Gateway (sold separately)


Compatible With

The CL450BF is compatible with the Lockwood 3572 and similar mortice locks. Including Dorma & Legge. The lock is designed for the 60mm backset in the 3572 range. As a result, it is better suited to 60mm rather than shorter backsets. The CL450BF is fire-rated when used alongside supplied furniture.

 Works with Lockwood 3572 and equivalent locks, including Dorma


  • Smartphone access and management via the TTLock app.
  • Operated via Bluetooth
  • Compatible with remote unlock and management via the gateway
  • Easy access via fingerprint
  • Add up to 200 custom pin codes
  • Create timed, one-timed, permanent and custom codes
  • Access using MiFare cards
  • Auto-locking feature available
  • Passage mode
  • Battery status available in-app
  • Anti-peep code to deter users
  • Built-in alarm to deter intruders after repeat failed attempts. 
  • Mechanical key option available

*Please note cylinder is not included.

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