CL603BF - Slim Smart Bluetooth IP66 Fingerprint Keypad

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The CL603BF is an IP66 rated Electronic Keypad that can fit a new or existing Electric Door. It can be operated via Bluetooth using the TTLock iOS/Android app without the need for Internet or Wi-Fi. It is suited for Homes, Offices, Airbnb, Motels etc.

Specific codes can be sent via SMS or E-Mail. These codes can be temporary (1 day) or permanent. In addition, Bluetooth access (one-time, temporary, or permanent) can also be shared by SMS or E-Mail.

MiFare Fobs can also be programmed into the keypad. The user list can be managed through the TTLock app.

Utilising a capacitive touch fingerprint sensor with 0.3s recognition speed.

Unlock Options

  • Pin Code
  • Fingerprint
  • MiFare Card
  • TTLock App (iOS/Android)
  • Gateway (sold separately)


CL603BF Product Overview
CL603BF User Manual