CL603BD - Slim Smart Bluetooth IP66 Keypad with Doorbell Integration

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The CL603BD standalone, water-resistant keypad, integrated with TTLock technology, offers user-friendly access through various methods, including a mobile app, custom PIN numbers, and RFID fobs.  

Adding to the impressive SecEsafe product lineup, the CL603BD smart keypad is a versatile solution suitable for electric strikes, magnetic locks, automatic door openers, garage doors, and sliding gates. This device boasts an IP66 rating, ensuring robust performance even in challenging conditions, and operates on a 12-18V DC power source.

The CL603BD seamlessly integrates with the TTLock app, which empowers users with comprehensive control over E-keys, PIN codes, RFID cards/fobs. Notably, the TTLock app keeps an accurate audit trail, offering a detailed record of all access. This smart system allows you to efficiently manage and delegate access to family members, friends, clients, employees or tradespeople. You can grant access for specific durations, be it weeks, days, or hours, and modify or revoke access permissions at your discretion.

For added convenience and accessibility, the Bluetooth CL603BD can be equipped with Wi-Fi capabilities, enabling remote access through the CLBTG2W or CLBTG3E. This means you can control and monitor your access points from anywhere, further enhancing the security and flexibility of your premises.


Product Specifications

Product Code
Product Name
Smart Slim TTLock Doorbell Keypad
User Capacity
Hardware Users: 1000; App Users: 100; 255 Card/PIN users
PIN Length
4-6 digits
Operating Voltage 
12-18V DC
Idle Current
 ≤ 60mA
Active Current
≤ 150mA
Proximity Card Reader
Radio Technology
Wiring Connections
Relay output, exit button, alarm, door contact, Wiegand input/output
One (NO, NC, Common)
Adjustable Relay Output Time
0~99 Seconds (5 seconds default)
Wiegand Interface  
Mifare card version:
Wiegand 26~44 bits,56bits,58bits input & output (Factory default: Wiegand 34bits)
Meets IP66
Operating Temperature
-40°C ~ 60°C 
Operating Humidity
0%RH ~ 98%RH
Silver & Black
L148 x W43.5 x H22 (mm)
Unit Weight