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The CLG2 is a clever device that allows you to integrate TTLock powered smart devices with the Google Assistant & Amazon Alexa. It also allows remote lock control & a live audit trail. Gateway features: Features Bluetooth Low Energy connection to locks, & 2.4GHz Wi-Fi to allow remote access. Powered by included USB-A - USB-C cable. (AC-USB power adapter not included) [EASY SET UP] Just plug it in, connect and set up with your smart lock app within 2 minutes. One single Wi-Fi gateway can connect to multiple smart locks. [Remote Control] Remotely control your door lock anywhere in the...

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The AcuSense Series Hikvision Camera is Hikvision’s latest product for home or commercial security. With false alarm filtering, inbuilt speaker, strobe light and customisable audio announcements, the AcuSense IP camera promotes intrusion detection and deterrence.  Features include: > 30m Night Vision > Strobe Lighting > False Alarm Filter > Built-In Speaker > 4MP Full HD Resolution The AcuSense Seriex Hikvision Cameras include powerful A.I. False Alarm Filerting, Inbuilt speaker, Strobe Light and Audio annoucements of programmed events. Powered by Darkfighter technology this camera is a new generation to make anallytics of events more powerful and trouble free than ever before....

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